What to Do if a Union Organizer Knocks on the Door

Can we keep an outside union organizer off our premises?

YES. Outside Union representatives are not authorized to conduct their business on company premises. This includes the company parking lot. You should request the union official to leave the premises. If he or she refuses to leave, the police should be summoned. Union organizers are entitled to pass out materials on public property.

Should we give the union information about our employees or talk to the Union representative?

NO. Union representatives often ask for a list of names and addresses of the employees. In some instances, information about pay scales and employee benefits will be requested. That is proprietary and confidential information. Do not provide union representatives with any such information. Nor should you engage the representative in any conversation. Simply tell them to move on.

What if we notice our own employees are passing out union cards or information on company property. Can we stop them?

This is a tricky question and depends on where and when the cards are being passed out, what is being said, and what you have allowed in the past. Call us for specific advice.

What if a union representative presents me with a stack of cards?

Do not review the cards. This could result in a “voluntary recognition” of the union without an election.

Can supervisors and managers talk to employees about union organizing?

Yes, but again the rules are tricky. In general, you may express your opinions and make comments regarding unions and the particular union. You cannot punish or threaten employees with regard to union activity or membership, and/or cannot reward or promise employees any benefits to refrain from joining the union. Employees cannot be questioned about their union activities, nor should they be polled about their union beliefs. Any statement or question by a supervisor or manager can be used against the company. Immediate training for supervisors on the “do’s and don’ts” is essential if faced with an organizing campaign.